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Smart Management is a company with experience from the Norwegian oil & gas business. We provide tools and services for logistics, integrated supply chain management and asset management.

Our main product is Tag-Hub. Tag-Hub enables companies to collaborate on supply chain management, asset management and more – without investing in expensive infrastructure. Tag-Hub is a web-based service that can be used by companies of any size. Tag-Hub is flexible and can be used with standard browsers, mobile devices, sensors and integrated with other systems. Tag-Hub will make your supply chain more efficient and reduce cost.

With Tag-Hub you can do more

Low barriers to get started
Common identification for assets and goods
Work together in real time
Work together across companies
Low risk and secure data-centres

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About us

Releasing your resources

Smart Management started out as a consulting company helping clients use their resources better and improve their work processes. Most of our clients seemed to need some kind of a shared repository for data about their operations and the idea of Tag-Hub was born. In the past years we have developed the concept of a shared repository into a product that is operational and has proven its value.

We are backed by owners with a solid presence in the oil and gas business. Smart Management is committed to develop the Tag-Hub system as a state of the art tool to supporting offshore operations worldwide.



Core apps: Project explorer, Project configurator, User administration, Geofence, States, Devices

Tag-Hub product sheet

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Cargo meetings
Virtual warehouse
Easy to create and deploy new applications
Offshore logistics
Project explorer

Packing / Unpacking / Assigning
Checklists / Inspections
RFID and 2D barcodes

API for sensors to update Tag-hub

Easy for client to set up a connector between Tag-hub and inhouse system
Integrating Tag-Hub

User desktop
User mobile
Connectors ERP/other system
Virtual warehouse

Product sheet

Offshore logistics

Product sheet

Project explorer

Product sheet

Integrating Tag-Hub

Product sheet

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Highly skilled personnel

Smart Management have consultants that can help our clients improve their business. In addition to making Tag-Hub we have expertise in the following areas:

Improve work processes
System integration and data exchange
Oil & gas supply chain management
Project management and implementation of Tag-Hub

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Partner sensors

Merrick systems

Partner tags

Nuvem Log


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Our main office is located at Børehaugen 3 in Stavanger, Norway.
Our postal address is: Smart Management AS, Børehaugen 3, 4006 Stavanger, Norway
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Sales and marketing

Bernt Wold
phone: +47 917 51 579
, e-mail: or

Thomas Ravnestad
phone: +47 911 76 791, e-mail: or



Changelog is another new application!

The Changelog is an attempt by us to communicate better with our customers. Think of it as a Tag-Hub blog or newsfeed. We will post articles about updates, releases, security fixes, planned updates and other relevant information via the Changelog. This way, you will get notifications to keep you in the loop.


OCTG manager

OCTG Manager is a brand new application!

It does warehouse management for non-serialized items. It can handle packing, moving, shipping and receiving. It can work with single EPC's and bundled items. If you have this type of requirement, please request a demo!

OCTM If you would like to know more please contact our sales department.


New search engine in Tag-Hub

Under the hood, we have a powerful new search engine to store our events, e.g. every time you change a service, an event is generated. Events are now stored in Elasticsearch. Eventually, we'll look into further use of this very exciting technology.


Notifications in Tag-Hub

As we have seen in the header, Tag-Hub now offers notifications for different tasks performed by the system. We will typically use this feature to alert users when background processes such as EPC & Report generation have finished. We will continue to evolve this feature over time to include more and more useful notifications from Tag-Hub.


New header in Tag-Hub

We have a whole new header bar! It's designed to be clean and easy to use, includes some highly requested features, and something completely new. Here it is:

App Switcher

The first part of the new header is the app switcher. It lets you navigate between your application quickly.

By clicking the blue Tag-Hub logo to the far left of the new header, your are presented with a list of all of your Tag-Hub applications. Click one to navigate to it.

Project search

A much requested feature is finally included in Tag-Hub. You can now search for your projects! As you type into the new projects input field the list of available projects will be filtered against your input. 

You can navigate the list using your keyboard (up, down, and enter to select) or your mouse. Clicking the three bars to the right of the input will reveal all projects.


Notifications is a totally new feature of Tag-Hub. It works in much the same way as Facebook's notifications, only here it's Tag-Hub letting you know about something, not your friends. 

By clicking the globe icon in the header you can access your list of notifications. Clicking an item will take you to the relevant location in Tag-Hub.

To close the notifications list, click the globe again.

Settings & Help

The Settings and Help applications have been moved out of the applications board and switcher, and into the header.

The icon to the far right is the logout icon.

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